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        how do I protect my new Laminate floor?

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How is Laminate flooring made and how do I protect my new Laminate floor?   by Daryl plaza

How is Laminate flooring made and how do I protect my new Laminate floor?

Laminate flooring has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. The reason behind the rapid laminate wood flooring growth is the ease of installing laminate flooring. This wood flooring system is a floating floor that has a laminate flooring underlayment on which the laminate floor lays over top of. Another benefit to having a laminate floor system is the durability of the floor. Laminate flooring manufacturers are using new technologies to create a very dense fiber wood core with a very durable top plastic coating.

Constructions of laminate floors

There are basically two types of laminate floor constructions. You have the direct pressure laminate and the high pressure laminate. The two different styles vary in the way they are attached to the core. The direct pressure process is a one step process where they fuse all the layers directly to the core all at the same time by using melamine resins and pressure and heat they are impregnated and together to form a very durable laminate plank flooring. The other high pressure laminate flooring is a two layer process. The first is that the craft paper style sheets will be glued together and using a print film, which is then glued to the core. Here everything is glued together and using high pressure they become very hard and durable.

What is available for Laminate flooring?

The laminate wood flooring is almost invincible to spills, stains, burns and a very high tolerance to scratches. Laminate flooring prices have such a wide range but can offer you just about any replicas of any wood species that you would desire. They will come in a few different varieties such as the single strip, two strips or even the three strips with micro beveled edges, square edges or just beveled edges. Depending on the quality you are looking for the top finishes and treatments will vary the price of the laminate wood flooring. Because these floors can imitate just about any flooring on the market, your choices for texture and looks give you an abundance of choices such as traditional stone, ceramic tiles and beautiful hardwood.

Caring for your Laminate floor

Laminate flooring is stain and fade along with scratch resistant and with a few preventive maintenance ways you can have your floor last a very long time. First you must follow the laminate flooring manufacturer's limitations and by keeping their recommendations in consideration you will have a floor that will last forever.

Your Maintenance and laminate wood flooring care

Place designer mats in front of stoves and sinks along with all the room entrances
Always have felt protectors under the feet of furniture
Use chair coasters that are clean and working properly will help
One of the biggest things you can do is to try and follow the laminate floor manufacturers
recommendations for room temperature and what they recommend for humidity levels

Maintaining laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is very durable and not that hard to keep clean. All you have to do is regularly sweep or vacuum with a soft brush. Damp mop the laminate wood floor using a bit of ammonia or vinegar and water being careful not to flood the work panels as you can damage them this way. Some products that are not recommended for your laminate floor are soaps, scouring powder, floor polish or steel wool as these may damage the laminate wood flooring. Always test a product that you are unsure of in a low visible area. If you have to remove a stain use the recommended laminate floor cleaner and mop up to keep any water from entering the joints. Also make sure you use a damp mop and not a wet one.

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Change Your Home With The Addition Of Bamboo Wood Flooring   by Ted Monares

When it comes to adding some intense style and elegance to your home the best course of action is to install your own bamboo wood flooring. This flooring is going to both open up the look of any room as well as brighten it as if you have just opened the shutters.

There are some things that you need to do before you start to install the actual floorboards. It is vital that you not skip over any of these things because they are all important to the end result of this project. If you fail to do any of them you could end up with flooring that needs to be redone very soon and at a significant cost to you and your family.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to make sure that your bamboo wood flooring installation goes as smoothly as possible:

Get rid of any shoe moldings:

By getting rid of these you will be able to get to work on your flooring much sooner and you will run into so many less problems this way.

Make sure that the floor is all even and flat:

Your floors need to be totally even and flat. This may require some sanding on your part and even some filling. It is your responsibility to make sure that there are no lumps or dips in the sub floor. If there are any this can lead to the boards of the flooring cracking when weight is put on them. You can use filling putty and any kind of sander to get the floor in shape.

Make sure that the floor is dry

The floor needs to be dry before you start to lay down any of the bamboo wood flooring. If they are wet or even damp this can lead to the floorboards soaking up this moisture. The wood can swell when this happens leading to problems such as edge crush. Once boards swell they do not usually go back to their original shape.

These are just a few of the top tips that you can use to make your bamboo wood flooring installation go easy and fast. These floors are going to change the way you feel when you walk in the door.

About the Author

Ted has over 20 years of experience in interior decorating and has also spent months on his own home projects as a hobby of keeping up with the latest designs and techniques. He has written a book on replacing your flooring; which he thinks is an essential starting point for any home renovation projects. For free illustrations and guides on discount wood flooring, please visit http://www.itisservices.com

Refinishing a Hardwood Floor

  by Greg Culver

Having a hardwood floor can be one of the most beautiful homes you can find, when they are nicely shining and have colors that just vary in ways you can't find elsewhere. Though after some time, they will eventually dull, wear, and stain bare wood. Eventually they do need refinishing. This article attempts to explain a little more about maintaining your hardwood floor, and more on refinishing them.

Normal use of a floor and the timely cleaning of it both wear at a hardwood floor. Some things such as high traffic areas, and parts where pets run a lot might wear sooner and stick out around the shinier areas. Putting some types of throw rugs can actually wear them worse, while others can do better than just keeping them bare.

Cleaning a hardwood floor differs from other flooring as well, and many cleaners that aren't intended for hardwood actually eat away at the finish. When you are considering refinishing yours, you will also want to look at cleaning these floors. As it will help you determine the long-term picture while shopping at hardwood floor refinishing.

One of the first things when refinishing that you will want to consider is what kind of floor you have. Is it oak, pine, cedar, or maple? There are many types and within those, grades as well. Knowing what you have is a great start in refinishing it.

Refinishing hardwood will of course always start with sanding. You need to start with somewhat coarse paper, however too course will wear out the floor even more and score it as well. You will find many good suggestions on refinishing hardwood on the internet including the grit count of the sand paper you will need. For refinishing your hardwood floor you will need some tools as well. These will include a belt sander (not circular), as well as sanding blocks for finer finishing. With these you will work down to fine paper. When refinishing your hardwood floor, job one is sanding it down to the smoothest surface you can get.

After this comes refinishing your hardwood floor with stain as well as sealing it with a hard, clear coat that will take the wear and tear your world will give it. One consideration in the end is strong water proofing. Even if your hardwood floor refinishing is under your roof, there will always be spills. Again, based on the wood your floor is made of, you will have a few differences in your choices when shopping for hardwood floor refinishing supplies.

When refinishing your hardwood, you will want to maintain a dust free environment until everything has dried, and use good brushes/tools for the specific job. For this reason, when refinishing your hardwood floor, you will want to be well researched before you begin.

One place that you will likely want to be looking up hardwood floor refinishing is the internet. You will find many articles about hardwood floor refinishing, many products that give you many choices, and will probably save you money in the end while you look at your beautiful hardwood floor. Taking your time refinishing it, will bring you many years of both enjoyment, and good maintenance of it for even longer lasting floors.

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Is There More to a Kitchen Floor than Vinyl and Tile?   by Jennie Wills

You may think that the most used component of the kitchen would be an appliance however in fact it is your kitchen floor! Choosing the right kitchen floor depends on several factors all of which need to be considered in order to find the perfect flooring material for your space.

It is wise to start by answering a few key questions:

How busy is your kitchen? Is there a lot of traffic? How much do you want to spend? What flooring products are available for kitchens? What is the durability of each product? What designs are available? What are your flooring measurements and how much material will be required?

When designing your kitchen, it is vital to include appropriate flooring materials that keep durability, style and re-sale in mind. Whether you are designing, remodeling or re-designing your kitchen research on kitchen flooring plays an enormous role as there are several materials to choose from. Unfortunately some of the hottest flooring products today are often overlooked in kitchen design when in fact they are entirely practical and gorgeous too!

Bamboo Flooring

Beautiful and exotic this renewable product is very comparable to hardwood in style, feel and strength making bamboo a fantastic surface to be considered in your kitchen.

Cost - Generally the cost of bamboo can vary from $3.00 sq to $9.00 sq installation not included. Production expense is higher with respect to engineered and stained bamboo flooring therefore increasing cost for the consumer.

Maintenance - Cleaning is relatively simple requiring light mopping and sweeping. Beware that sweeping is very important as these floors can scratch. Dirt, sand, and other granular particles under foot can make good opportunity for damage.

Bamboo is an extremely strong and versatile plant that is actually classified as a grass. It grows rapidly where shoots reach maturity in 5-7 years. At that time the plant actually benefits from the harvesting of those shoots. If you are concerned about harvestation and its affect on wild life, Panda bears actually feed from of a different strain of bamboo which is located at a much higher altitude than that of bamboo used for flooring products.

Cork Flooring

This marvelous material does not end with bottle stoppers. Cork is a fabulous flooring material that even your kitchen will love. The cellular structure of cork is comprised of millions of air sacs essentially meaning that 50% of this flooring material consists of air!! Cork is another excellent consideration for your kitchen space.

Cost - Cork tiles and planks are priced reasonably starting at $4 for basic tiles where price increases with planks and stains.

Maintenance - Depending on the type of finish you have chosen for your floor maintenance will vary. Wax finishes generally require waxing at least once a year certainly something to maintain. Polyurethane will scratch if those floors are not swept. So keep those floors clean with regular sweeping and dry mopping and the results will be less wear of your finish.

Unlike other natural wood flooring products, cork is obtained from the bark of oak trees generally located in the Mediterranean. The cork oak tree is remarkable as its bark can be harvested every 9 years without cause of any damage to its existence or that of its environment. The best cork is reserved for our other partner in the kitchen as our beloved wine bottles require stoppers. Bottle stoppers account for 60% of the cork market but where there is demand for perfect corks there must be waist. Cork flooring is made from that unwanted material making this flooring product another fabulously environmentally conscious choice for your kitchen floor.

Cork also holds many benefits with respect to a healthy environment in any home. Suberin, the waxy, natural substance found in cork also plays a role in cork's resistance to mold and mildew. Cork flooring is antimicrobial and has been proven to be insect resistant as well.

The cellular structure of cork also makes this flooring material an excellent choice for people who suffer from back problems or injury.

Linoleum Flooring

Unfortunately linoleum seems not to be the product that comes to mind when remodeling or designing a kitchen as it brings with it old memories of sterile hospital and school hallways. So many new and exciting modifications have been made to more commonly used flooring materials that linoleum is often overlooked. In fact this 100 year old flooring material still has what it takes and is making a huge come back! Here's why!

Cost - Linoleum is a fairly expensive product. It compares with that of high-end vinyl and hardwood generally at $4.00 a square foot and can be much higher. Sheet linoleum also requires professional installation at an additional cost. However its' resistance to wear and tear, and its' life expectancy makes this product a leader in cost effectiveness.

Creative arrangements and various tile hues make linoleum a designer's dream. Great designs and patterns can be achieved with linoleum where your floors can truly become a personalized work of art.

Maintenance - Sweeping and light mopping makes linoleum extremely easy to clean.

Another area in which linoleum excels as a material for your kitchen floor is in the health department. Linseed oil is a natural ingredient found in linoleum flooring. Its presence allows for linoleum to succeed as being a naturally antimicrobial floor. As linseed oil oxidizes it prevents bacteria such as Salmonella Typhimurium, and Staphylococus Aureus from breeding and multiplying. Other flooring receives chemical agents in order to achieve the same affect however these agents will wear off over time. No matter the age of linoleum or the finishing that it may receive, this product will always remains antimicrobial. It also repels dust, and dirt which is why this product is commonly used in hospitals and schools.

So when it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen floor, why limit yourself to traditional choices. Do your research and select a floor that best suits your needs as well as your style!

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Jennie Wills has been a hospitality expert for 10 years whose passion for home renovation, food and drink has lead to the successful launch of www.thesexykitchen.com ; a web-site dedicated to kitchen design, renovation, party planning, hospitality and much more. Perhaps you have a passion or hobby you'd like to write about. Discover how to turn your passion into a successful website, visit www.succeed-from-your-passion.com to learn how.